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Join the Black Market!

Here at Black Market Training we have a passion for quality coffee, which can only come through quality training.

We’ll teach you the specialised skills you need to make the perfect cup of coffee, with the knowledge to be able to talk about it like a pro.

Our physical or online training means you can learn anytime, anywhere, and leave as a qualified barista with that specialised edge, because coffee drinkers can taste the difference.


Our Team

Coffee Consulting Specialist
Talks about coffee day and night, loves the beach as much as he does coffee

Q Grader
Green Bean Buyer

Roaster and addicted to Vietnamese food

Experienced Head Barista
Trainer and misses his mum’s Peruvian home cooking

Latte Artist
Coffee Guru

Taking the world on, one pour at a time

Experienced Head Barista
Cafe Owner

Knows as much about Basketball as he does coffee!