How much is the Beginners course [Foundation Barista Course] and how long does it go for?

Please head to our Beginners Course page to see all the details.

Where is the training site located?

Our training centre is located at Level 1, 144-146 Victoria Road, Marrickville NSW 2204. Please head to our About Us page to find out information about getting here.

Are there any discounts for classes?

Once you have completed your first course with us, you are entitled to a 10% discount on your second course. This discount is non-transferrable.

What will I learn in your courses?

We provide details about the structure of each course in the course description. Please visit our Barista Courses page and click on the course you are interested in to find out more.

I’m looking for a job as a barista. Which course is right for me?

You have come to the right place! We recommend our Barista Pro course for anyone seeking a job working with coffee as we will take you through specialty coffee techniques and all aspects of service and working behind a machine. You gain hours of hands-on experience from our trainers who have been working as professional baristas for years, and our equipment is set out like a real cafe.

What is the difference between the Beginners [Foundation Barista] course and the Pro course?

The Beginners Barista course is a 3-hour class designed to teach you the foundations of making coffee. It is a good option for those who are interested in working in hospitality, use a home machine or are interested in learning a few extra skills.

Our Pro course is a 5-day intensive course designed to train you in specialty coffee techniques. This course is best suited for those seeking a job as a barista or looking to enter the cafe scene.


Will I receive a barista certificate?

Yes, you receive a certificate after completing our Beginners [Foundation Barista] and Pro courses. With the Pro course, you will also receive a detailed assessment of your personal strengths and the areas you can work on to improve. Your certificate will be emailed to you the Monday following your course. This can be included in your resume to show prospective employers.

Are you an RTO? Are your courses accredited?

We are not an RTO as we have found, having owned and operated several cafes for years, that employers do not really take this into account when hiring. They will be far more interested in your practical skills behind the machine and will ask you to make them a cup of coffee. Our focus is on best preparing you to be able to make a great cup of coffee during a barista trial so you have the best chance possible at scoring a job!


Can I book the class as a gift for someone else?

We have gift vouchers for our Beginners [Foundation Barista], Latte Art, and Private courses. Once you purchase a gift voucher we get in touch with you to request the full name and contact details of the person/s to put on the Gift Voucher. The Gift Voucher can be emailed to yourself or the receiver at your request.


Do you do group classes?

We do offer group classes that are perfect for a corporate group or event.  We can structure the class depending on what you would like to learn – head to the Corporate Events page to organise your next event!


How much notice do I need to give to cancel or swap my class?

We require at least 2 weeks’ notice if you need to swap or cancel your class as we must cover all the costs for your spot in the class, even if you do not attend. 

If you notify us 2 weeks before your course date, these are the options:

  1. For any course changes i.e. subject, date, the number of registrations, email
  2. To cancel your registration entirely, email We will issue the refund

I cannot attend my class but it’s less than 2 weeks’ before the start date/time!

We have a 2-week cancellation policy. In the event of a cancellation close to the course date/time, these are the options:

  1. Transfer your registration to someone you know
  2. Contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at 1300 030 327 ‘TRAINING’.
    We will readvertise your spot immediately if you notify us within a reasonable timeframe:
    – If there is a registration, you do not have to pay the cancellation fee; we will contact you to reschedule your attendance to a later date without charging the cancellation fee;
    – If no-one registers after we have readvertised your spot, you do not get a refund. If you choose to register again within 3-months, you will be entitled to a 50% discount off the new


How do I know if my class is CONFIRMED?

Your course confirmation details are sent in the Your Black Market Training order receipt email. Please save the details in your calendar. Our Training team will only contact you if there has been an issue with payment or if there are changes to your course which is very rare.

How do I know if there are changes to my class or if it is canceled?

Our Training team will contact you via email or phone if there are changes to your course. This is very rare.

I have registered and paid but have not received the Barista eHandbook…

When you registered for your course, you created a Black Market Training Account.  Your account lists your purchases and gives you access to download the ebook at any time. You can find your account details in the Your Black Market Training account has been created! email sent when you registered for the course. Log-into your account click My Account.