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The Pro Coffee Course is designed to raise the standard of baristas to a specialty level through intensive training.

This 5 day course consists of a mixture of small group training, one-on-one focus sessions and time to practice yourself on commercial coffee equipment.

  • January 16th – The course will run on Thursday 16th, Friday 17th, Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd, 9am – 3pm each day

We are located at 144-146 Victoria Road Marrickville.

Run by professional baristas, the course covers all aspects of working in a specialty coffee bar.

You will learn:
  • Fundamentals – coffee theory (roasting & growing), introduction to equipment,  making espresso, steaming milk, coffee variations, dose control, cleaning the machine and ins and outs of customer service and working in a commercial environment
  • Specialty – adjusting the grind, latte art, working with scales and a variety of grinders, writing recipes and working with single origins, filter coffee and cold brews
  • Practice & Assessment – guided practice finishing with a theory and practical assessment.

Whether you are looking to break into the specialty coffee industry or wanting to step up your game in your own cafe, the Pro Coffee Course is for you.

Included in the courses is BMT’s Assessment where you are tested and scored on your ability to achieve specialty coffee outcomes. This is an industry first and will allow you to use your barista course results to help you get a job that suits your skill level.

NOTE: If you would like to change the date of your booking, please give us 2 weeks notice prior to the start of the course. If it is within 2 weeks of the date, then unless a replacement can be found, we will respectfully decline your request and the booking will stand

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