You’ve got the potential. We’ve got the know-how.

The Pro Coffee Course is designed to raise the standard of baristas to a specialty level through intensive training.

This extended multi-day course sets the standard of what specialty is for baristas.

How Does it Work?

Purchasing this bundle means you save over $200! ($220 actually)

After you purchase, we’ll be in contact to have a chat and give you the code to book all the courses at a time that suits you. You can then go on and book the 4 courses depending on your schedule.

What do I get?
  • 3 Hour Foundations Class – Build the theoretical base and then get practical on commercial machines
  • 2 Hour Latte Art Course – Start to refine your milk skills and pouring patterns as you work on your own machine
  • 5 Hour Head Barista Course – Intensive bar experience (see below for more info)
  • 5 Hour Back bar Pro Course – Get next level with sensory and filter back bar experience (see below for more)

Head Barista Pro

5 hour course – Split into 4 hours of guided practice and 1 hour of practice time.

Course Content

1 Recap of Pulling shots at speed
2 Grind adjustment
3 Setting up for day
4 Latte Art, mastering hearts, rosettas, and tulips
5 Taking Orders and serving customer
6 Closing down for day

Back Bar Pro

5 hour course – Split into 4 hours of guided practice and 1 hour of practice time.

Course Content

1 Cupping
2 Describing Flavour
3 Filter Coffee
4 Advanced latte art
5 Recipe writing for single origin
6 Full speed cafe run throughs
7 Advanced machine cleaning, maintenance, identifying mechanical issues.

Run by professional baristas, the course covers all aspects of working in a specialty coffee bar.

You will learn:
  • Fundamentals – coffee theory (roasting & growing), introduction to equipment,  making espresso, steaming milk, coffee variations, dose control, cleaning the machine and ins and outs of customer service and working in a commercial environment
  • Specialty – adjusting the grind, latte art, working with scales and a variety of grinders, writing recipes and working with single origins, filter coffee and cold brews
  • Practice & Assessment – guided practice finishing with a theory and practical assessment.

Whether you are looking to break into the specialty coffee industry or wanting to step up your game in your own cafe, the Pro Coffee Course is for you.

Course Details

$1,140 $920

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