Four key elements to improving your Latte Art

Practice, practice, repeat. It’s true that, to truly master your latte art skills, you have to keep practicing over and over again, take a class…then continue to practice. There are four key elements you want to remember when practicing your coffee art: 1. Height Where you hold your milk pitcher is important for the different stages of […]

Tips for Cupping like a Pro

Have you ever wondered what people were doing when they spoon out a bit of coffee from a bowl and slurp it? Have you ever questioned why they do it? Is it really necessary to make such loud and funny noises? Never fear; we are here to give you tips for cupping like a coffee […]

An interview with our in-house roaster

Ever wonder exactly how coffee is roasted? We talked to our in-house roaster Daniel about the whole process and how he came to work in the industry. What drew you to working with coffee? A cup of flat white that tasted literally like hazelnut hot chocolate. How did you get into roasting? I always wanted […]

Barista Babes: Women in the Industry

Think about the people that serve your your daily coffee behind the counter for a second . Do you see mostly men, or women? It’s a dense topic once you attempt to notice the gender balance in cafes, and one that is hard to pin. Why? Statistically speaking, there’s a pretty even balance in the […]