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3 hour course | Sydney | Barista Course

Beginners course

You’ve got the potential. We’ve got the know-how. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers are coffee nerds, caffeine connoisseurs and professional baristas who are just nuts about beans.

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Latte Art

Rosettas, tulips and love hearts, oh my! Master your milk technique with our skilled teachers in this hands-on session.

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Are you a barista or cafe owner? We deliver specialty coffee of only the finest quality to cafes - become one of our partners today!

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Very conducive learning environment since we practiced in small groups of 4 Andrisa

I learned a lot of things about coffee I had no idea before, with a professional and passionate teacher Catherine

Great course with great teacher! Very interesting knowledge part to start and then practice. Bastien

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Sydney Pro Course

latte art course


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online latte art course

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Here’s the deal…the coffee industry has changed A LOT in the last five years. Unless you’re working in the specialty end of the industry, there’s a good chance you missed some of the developments.

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