How to Create a Great Cafe Vibe?

There are cafes and restaurants in Australia and the world that serve amazing coffee and yet we have no desire to go there time and time again. Why? Well, we think it’s a vibe “thing”.

At Black Market Roasters we love exploring everything café and coffee related and fit-outs and feelings around a cafe are a big part of that. We are small-batch, fresh roasted coffee suppliers in Sydney and run sweet barista courses for professionals and people who just want to learn more.

What is a “Vibe”?

As humans we are very much affected by what we see, feel and hear. The world around us has a direct impact on the emotions that we feel and how we experience things. This is why it’s so important to get the Vibe in your café right.

Having good operation practices will make people feel welcome, encourage social behavior and enhance the taste of your coffee. It’s true!

Simple Tips to Help Create the Ultimate Café Vibe
  1. MUSIC – is a really underrated tool when it comes to creating a vibe and is so often miss-used. As a café owner you should think to yourself, ‘what would I want to listen to while I’m enjoying my morning coffee?’ So often music in cafes is chosen by staff who play music they enjoy working to, this music choice is often very different to what customers who are not working want to listen to.
  2. LIGHTING – lighting can help create different spaces within your café. Use it wisely and adjust it for the time of day, using subtle warm lighting in the mornings. Ensure you have well lite sections that can be used for customers wanting to study, work or have meetings, and more dimly lit areas where customers can relax, unwind or socialize.
  3. CUSTOMER SERVICE – Aim to get your staff to acknowledge people as they walk in the door. It seems so simple but is often not done very well. Remember people names and strive to have conversations with customers. There is nothing worse than walking into a café where the staff is talking amongst themselves and nobody acknowledges you.

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