Four key elements to improving your Latte Art

Practice, practice, repeat. It’s true that, to truly master your latte art skills, you have to keep practicing over and over again, take a class…then continue to practice. There are four key elements you want to remember when practicing your coffee art: 1. Height Where you hold your milk pitcher is important for the different stages of […]

Learning Latte Art

Do you want to take your coffee-making to the next level? Do you want to truly stand out as a barista? Why not try your hand at latte art! Our basic how-to guide The basis for quality latte art is a great shot of espresso. Because espresso is an emulsion unlike instant or drip coffee, […]

Australia’s love affair with the piccolo latte

Did Australia invent the flat white or did New Zealand? Whilst we can’t take credit for coffee, but there’s no doubt in our minds that Sydney-siders and Melbournites brought the world the piccolo latte. Origin of the Piccolo Latte Australia has been heavily influenced and setup by European immigrants. This brought technology to coffee making […]