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Our coffee courses are fun and engaging for all ages!

Learn something different with our array of classes for any skill level.

Beginners [Foundation Barista Course]

Our beginner’s training program is designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge to nail that cafĂ© trial and get a job as a barista.

Latte Art

This class is designed to get you comfortable with texturing silky milk and utilising it to make your coffee look as amazing as they taste. You will be taught the basic theory of spinning milk and then thrown behind the machine to spin your own. Learn how to control your milk jug, draw designs and know the difference between your tulips and your love-hearts.

Private Course

Our private barista course is a one-on-one, 2-hour session with our highly skilled Barista Mentor which is tailored to what you would like to learn. Our trainer will customise the training to suit you.


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